2017 4th quarter contesst result
Open Section
Award Title Last Name First Name Country/Region
Medal Gold Dream by people Zhou Min China
Medal Silver portrait Ba Yin China
Medal Bronze embrace Zhang Xiao Meng China
Hon.Mention Lotus Zhang Xiao Meng China
Hon.Mention Light dancing jellyfish lake Du Jin En China
Hon.Mention Red lips wine Zhu Han Ju China
Hon.Mention Morning love Liu Houyu China
Theme: Composition with curve, diagonal, extension line
Medal Gold The Oriel Spiral Staircase Chan Shirley USA
Medal Silver Fog diffuse Jinshanling Zhao Jin Yu China
Medal Bronze Morning Walk With My Friend Chan Shirley USA
Hon.Mention Buddha night scene 2 Liu Houyu China
Hon.Mention Boiling canyon Li Chun Ling China
Hon.Mention Caravans Song Jinzi China
Hon.Mention Ancient Street dream film Huang Yilun China
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